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Welcome to the home page of Saving Cleopatra. We began by using using concept renderings made for the film Cleopatra as a trial balloon to test the efficacy of restoring a unique collection of rapidly deteriorating film art. Completing that went about t restore a similar number of deteriorating images from the film the Kng & I, both Academy ward winning films for design

We hope you will take an interest in our project and join us in our efforts in film art restoration. Many of (John decuir Sr.) my father's illustrations and renderings which he created as he was designing, Cleopatra, Hello Dolly and South Pacific have for all practical purposes (over the years) have been lost to history, sold at gallery auctions  and or destroyed. Fortunately, John made high resolution copies on Kodak Ektachrome transparencies. Unfortunately the Ektachrome transparencies were faulted to the extent that after some 20-30 years they deteriorate loosing their color integrity and turning a not so lovely shade of magenta.

In the above tri glyph image you can see on  the far left. The state of deterioration of these transparencies is severe. On  the right is our our limited attempts to restore the image using conventional Photoshop desktop computer techniques. 

Why these dektop renderings give us hope that in time we can rectify the damage done to the 8X10 transparencies while lacking in color veracity are of sufficient high quality resolution to reproduce lithographs of the same size as the originals. That s our goal.

We hope our appeal to your interest in this project will be stimulated by our offer. That offer is an elegant calendar with each month hosting one of the twelve images you see below. We are asking for a donation of $50.00 half of that will go to printing and shipping the balance to fund our restoration efforts.



If you feel moved to help us save this film art please email us at  and we will send you the registration information. What follows is q few f the desktop restored images to be followed by the balance of  12 additional images that you will see in your calendar should you choose to support the project.


Your support is eagerly anticipated.






Fortunately, we have been able to secure quality hi resolution black and white prints of the images scheduled to be restored.  This is important in that it will provide not only the missing bush stroke texture but also the gray scale in the black and white photos will provide valuable clues as to the value of the applied hues. 

THE MATH - Is it possible to mathematically estimate the original colors of an image when only limited color information and gray levels are present? How faithful is this estimate?  The answer is yes, it is possible and with striking accuracy. A new algorithm has been developed to restore color images when only a limited amount of the color data and the gray levels are available. Although previous experiments produced similar results, this new algorithmic method tends to more accurately reproduce the luminosity of the image.  Using the new method, very limited but well distributed color information is sufficient to re-color the entire image.  This new method has had a significant impact on other applications, including old black and white image and video restoration, the extreme compression of color images and the recovery of multi-channel signals affected by nonlinear distortion. CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL RESTORATION INFORMATION

THE ART - In addition to applying the algorithmic  methods it is our intention to "scale up" this information in the range of ten feet and paint over the computer reconstructed  image with real brushstrokes by a skilled "replica painter" capable of reproducing images with stunning accuracy. Our friends at JC backings who are experts in this field  have reviewed the projects and have agreed to create a test.

Donors who help us in this initial "crowd funding" effort will be offered first option to buy low numbered prints of their choice at discount.